Knights of special education

Our Story

Charlene Turner and Diana Floris met in 2011 in Sugar Land, Texas. Both having children with disabilities, they shared a mutual desire to start a school for students with special needs.

True Knight was born out of a need to bring a higher standard and an increased expectation to our “special needs” children. Our intention is to bring an innovative and holistic approach to education, utilizing a strong curriculum and supporting it with brain training activities—a neuroEd program.

We believe in the importance of building strong fundamentals, namely, reading, writing, and arithmetic, and that in each child is a capacity to learn. Thus, we take it as our responsibility to find a way to tap into that child’s brain.

Our Mission Statement

True Knight Academy seeks to empower students with special needs within a Christ-centered environment, giving them a greater purpose and the opportunity to reach their potential socially and academically.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to offer the best available educational opportunity to your children by staying up to date with the latest in brain research and teaching methods.

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